About Us

Eden Fabrics owned by Tamara Caro, founded by her sister Rebeca Caro-Nolan in 2009. Rebeca discovered the devastating effects that conventional cotton growing has on the environment she knew she had to become a part of the positive change that was being made in cotton agriculture. Organic and natural production is about being kind to all living beings including soil life, plants, animals, farmers, and of course you and me. The health of all of these is being compromised by conventional cotton farming methods. Tamara sharing the same compassion as her sister Rebeca, wants to support organic farming and manufacturing knowing that she is helping in what little way she can. As owner and operator of Eden Fabrics, Tamara Caro strives to captivate organic and natural fabrics beautiful aura.

When buying a product that is labeled 100% cotton most shoppers believe that they are making a better choice. Many of us are unaware of how many chemicals and pesticides are being used to make that product. These chemicals make their way into the ground, air, water and food supply. Statistics show that cotton farming makes up 3% of our agriculture but uses 24% of the pesticides Р(Ref. Kooistra and Terrmorshaizen 2006). Cotton farming uses five of the most toxic pesticides while several of the most commonly used pesticides contain known cancer causing agents- (Ref. Organic exchange). Our site is not about denigrating farmers that work hard to make a living in today’s difficult economy. Moreover, we feel that as demand increases for organic products we can provide farmers with a healthier alternative.

Over the past year alone, the organic cotton industry expanded by 63%. More and more people are becoming concerned for the health of the planet and its inhabitants. We all want the healthier future for ourselves, our children and the environment. Each of us can decide where we spend our money and what we are going to support with it. Eden Fabrics was created as a source for the healthier option.

To learn more about organic cotton and other natural fibers here are a few helpful websites: